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Knots Landing Photo Vault

Welcome to the KNOTS LANDING Photo Vault!

DECEMBER 2003:  Hundreds of pics added!!!



As you may know, Knots Landing was actually born prior to Dallas. David Jacobs had a vision for a show about four married couples and the struggles they encountered. CBS wanted a saga, so he came up with Dallas. But...with the success of Dallas, Knots Landing was born. Spinning off Lucy's parents, Gary and Valene as one of the four couples he thought up, the show began in 1980. Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Mary Crosby and Charlene Tilton all made appearances, but Knots soon became a show where Dallas characters did not fit. They were too big, and did not fit the format, at least in the first few years.


Original Cast:

Valene: Joan Van Ark
Gary: Ted Shakelford
Karen: Michelle Lee
Sid: Don Murray
Laura: Constance McCashin
Richard: John Pleshette
Ginger: Kim Lankford
Kenny: James Houghton
Diana: Claudia Lonow
Michael: Pat Peterson
Eric: Steve Shaw

Additional Main Cast Members:

Abby: Donna Mills
Mack: Kevin Dobson
Paige: Nicolette Sheridan
Olivia: Tonya Crowe
Lilimae: Julie Harris
Cigi/Kathy: Lisa Hartman
Chip: Michael Sabatino
Greg: William Devane
Ben: Douglass Sheehan
Paul: Howard Duff
Ruth: Ava Gardner
Peter: Hunt Block
Jill: Teri Austin
Peggy: Victoria Ann-Lewis
Brian: Brian Austin Green
Claudia: Kathleen Noone
Patricia: Lynne Moody
Frank: Larry Riley
Al: Red Buttons
Johnny: Peter Reckell
Harold: Paul Carafotes
Danny: Sam Behrens
Paula: Melinda Culea
Linda: Lar Park Lincoln
Tom: Joseph Gian
Anne: Michelle Phillips
Kate: Stacy Galina